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On the road for the national Campaign for Copyright!

May 17, 2015 0

Last week I had the honour and pleasure of talking to creative artists in Hobart about the need for artists to have their copyright protected, respected and remunerated. It was brilliant to meet writers and other artists from Tassie. My thanks to the Copyright Agency for all that they are doing to support artists in their endeavours and to ensure that fair payments are received where their works are studied or reproduced. You can find out more about the national campaign for copyright here. In the words of John Birmingham, it’s a ‘codification of respect’ – I love this sentiment. Also, teachers should check out the fab repository of materials on Reading Australia. Here you can find a huge range of resources that can be used in the classroom. Hobart was once again wonderful – I have done so much travelling this year, but Hobart is just one of my favourite places. I finally got to the Cascades Female Prison – a place close to my heart after having done so much research on girls’ industrial schools for my novel Escape from Cockatoo Island. I also sailed the Derwent on the Lady Nelson replica tall ship (highly recommended), ate my way through Salamanca Markets and caught up with plenty of friends. I managed to stop in at one of my fave bookshops, The Hobart Book Shop and also Spacebar Gallery for lots of gorgeous gifts. My favourite hobby in Hobart though seems to be meandering through Battery Point and imagining which residence I would most like to claim as my own.

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