May 31, 2015 0

Writing is about being a voyeur, an eavesdropper, an observer of life and people. My voyeuristic tendencies rise to the max when it comes to other writers. How do they write? Where do they write? What do their offices look like? Do they clear a space on the dining room table, swiping away the day’s detritus and sit down at the laptop keyboard? I do my best writing on the lounge, at library desks, in my home office, in bed and at my writer’s residence (everyone should be so lucky). In other words, I write wherever and whenever I can. If you can’t, you need to rethink how important it is to get your work done.

When I’m stuck on a plot point or losing my writing mojo, I often look to other writers for inspiration. While it’s a great distraction when you’re running from the hard work of a manuscript, ultimately it’s a real insight into how other writers live, work and combine their inner writing life with the outer life in the real world which governs us all. I’m going to be involved in a campaign called #whereIwrite, through the fab new app, periscope and in conjunction with my publisher, Hachette Australia. Many authors including one of my faves, Ian Rankin, have already videocast short films of where they write. I’ll be filing a report from where I write, live on Monday June 8! So get your voyeurism on, jump online and watch!

My Sunday morning office (NB – not even styled!)

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