Brave new work year, brave new work space

January 9, 2016 0

Happy New Year one and all! I hope that you’re off to a great start with whatever you’re reading and writing (I just finished ‘The Nightingale’ by Kristin Hannah, given to me by a dear friend. Have a newfound interest in the French Resistance.).

I also watched ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ for the umpteenth time while on holidays with Mum this week (we managed to switch it off just as Dad walked in the door – he’d have us both committed if he caught us watching it one more time), and I felt inspired to tackle the prickliest question of all…where I write.

I have had a break from writing in the past few months and this week my writing mojo returned with a vengeance. I realised I wanted to change the way I write, and change up my routine so that there are no interruptions.

The theory is sound. In fact, I have a writer’s residency in North Sydney at Don Bank Museum, totally set up with my stuff. It’s a thoughtful, contemplative and QUIET place to write (being in a museum tends to have a soporific effect).

But I tend to be there on weekends, and when I need to write or edit during the week, most of my writing is done on my laptop perched on my lap while I sit stuffed into my lounge.

I have a terrific view from my apartment (I have water views, folks – though the water may be brown, I can see a river snaking for about a kilometre in either direction), but my office (read: ironing room) is located AWAY from the view. I tend to write on the couch but I need some inspiration and a clear working place, away from the lures of TV, netflix, magazines, cleaning…you get the picture.

Which led me to thinking – what about THAT desk that Diane Keaton’s character has in her fabulous Hamptons’ beach house (more on Nancy Myers and her psychologising of the bedroom layout of the character here)? What about that view? And how does she write a play in a mere few weeks? The wonders of Hollywood, my friends.


So I’m going to change it up: actually write in my ‘office’, put away all those receipts spilling out over my files, and buy a hamper to hide my clean laundry in. Who needs to iron when you can write?


All I need now is a view of the dunes, some large bay windows, a white swivel chair, some chinos….and a turtleneck. Happy writing and reading!

PS Okay, I wouldn’t mind some Keanu either.


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