Netball Fever!

February 7, 2016 0

There is nothing that gives me more joy than receiving finished copies of my books. I’m particularly excited about my new book out this week – Ella and Olivia: NETBALL FEVER! This is one of my favourite topics (I’m a sports nut) and I was a mad netballer in my youth. It’s dedicated to my childhood netball coach, someone who continues to inspire me with wisdom and advice.


Plus, let’s be honest…the book is green and gold! It doesn’t get any better than this! What position do you play? In this story, both Ella and Olivia have to be real team players for the Ripper Rangers. Goal Shooter and Goal Attack were always my favourite positions – I wasn’t fast enough to be a Centre or a Wing Attack, nor defensive enough for Goal Defence or Keeper. Netball is such a great game. I might have to dust off the sneakers and clip those nails…I’m feeling the urge to play once again…


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