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Tenterfield times!

February 4, 2018 0

I was lucky enough this year to accompany the wonderful children’s author (and my dear friend) Susanne Gervay on her Australia Day Ambassador duties. We were thrilled to visit gorgeous Tenterfield, with its incredible history (Captain Thunderbolt! Henry Parkes! Peter Allen!) and beautiful countryside. We managed to eat some quality lamb, get caught in a hailstorm at the top of Mount Mackenzie, and meet some truly lovely locals who made our time there so enjoyable. I’m still not sure why the locals go for the maroons in the State of Origin – they clearly live in NSW. One to reflect on, I think. I highly recommend Tenterfield for a visit – fabulous for any history buff, as it’s the home not only of Peter Allen’s Tenterfield Saddler, but also the Federation speech by Henry Parkes, one of Captain Thunderbolt’s hideouts (no doubt there were many across NSW!) and also there’s a lot of history associated with Breaker Morant. Well worth a visit and the people are wonderful. Thank you again Tenterfield! xx with special thanks to Noelene for being such a wonderful host, and also Peter, Don, and Bronwyn too.


With the lovely Susanne Gervay

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 3.35.58 pm.png

One of the best stops we made – Guyra on the way to Tenterfield!

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Time is a traveller…

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