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Adventures on Australia Day
February 28, 2017 at 8:18 am 0
This year I was the guest of my good friend, the author Susanne Gervay in her role as an Australia Day Ambassador. We headed to Deniliquin and Conargo shires and had a wonderful road trip exploring the local communities. I can't thank the locals enough for their warm custom and Susanne for being the Thelma to my Louise (there was no cliff, folks!). Susanne is also an ambassador for the Premier's Reading Challenge - we even bumped into some keen readers on the road who we met in Sydney last year! Hope your reading year is off to a stellar start! IMG_8946 IMG_9068      
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I’m a happy camper! New book out January!
December 28, 2016 at 12:28 pm 0
Greetings, earthlings! Today was marvellous. It's high summer in Sydney. And where else to celebrate the launch of my brand new book: ELLA AND OLIVIA: HAPPY CAMPERS than at a gorgeous little bookshop by the beach. My lovely friends at Beachside Bookshop in Avalon on Sydney's northern beaches organised an Ella and Olivia workshop to celebrate the new story (number 18 - about camping -EEK!) and also for some plain old summer school holiday fun. I'm really not sure whether the kids or I had more fun! Thanks to the little legends that came out to work on some brand new Ella and Olivia titles (Ella and Olivia and the Zombie Apocalypse, anyone?), laugh at my terrible jokes, and do some AWESOME colouring. Thanks to Libby, Danica and the crew at the bookshop and big thanks too to my friend Louise (a fab author friend!) who dropped in to judge the prizewinners! xx  

Creating some new stories!


With the lovely Libby

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Festival fun in the lead-up to Book Week
August 14, 2016 at 1:26 am 0
Friends, I've had a busy patch. In fact, it's never NOT busy! This week was wonderful though - I had a lovely experience with the Abbotsleigh Literary Festival. I indulged, I signed, I chatted to HUGE readers, and witnessed one of the most incredible Book Week costume parades I've ever seen! Thank you to all at Abbotsleigh for organising such an incredible literary festival - hello to other authors I briefly crossed paths with - and THANK YOU to all the wonderful readers who asked loads of questions, fired off funnies, and whipped up a reading frenzy in general. Book Week is nearly here - so jump aboard twitter to follow me for the week @yvetteposh - following the thread #edutweetoz. I'll be talking to other teachers and authors, and teacher/authors about all things bookish. PS I also want to thank the amazing reader dressed as Mrs Twit, who indulged me with her 'mean face' - see below. PPS Thank you to the amazing readers who dressed up as Ella and Olivia. Hugs!

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The Big Book of Ella and Olivia!
July 19, 2016 at 8:22 am 0
Folks, I've been busy...behind the scenes I'm working on some very exciting projects with wonderful authors and illustrators with the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge (are YOU participating?). So I was thrilled to find these beauties waiting for me in the post - it's the BIG BOOK OF ELLA AND OLIVIA - 8 favourites in one! I love this collection, and I love the yellow cover. Just like Kathleen Kelly says in 'You've Got Mail' ....'Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?'...I too think...'Don't you think yellow covers are the friendliest covers?' Happy reading, friends! xx FullSizeRender-1
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Shooting goals for a good cause
May 30, 2016 at 11:17 am 0
I recently had the chance to fundraise for a cause extremely close to a lot of our hearts. I would love to thank the Northern Suburbs Netball Association and all the netballers and their families that supported our fundraising drive for breast cancer awareness. Thanks for the incredible Pink Netball Day...so many netballers and their siblings helped to colour in and bought copies of Netball Fever! Big thanks to my bestie who came along to support the fundraising efforts and to my brother for making big decisions regarding colouring in! Many thanks to my brilliant publishers Scholastic for supporting me with prizes for the day! It was a big win for netball AND breast cancer research. XX Yvette IMG_5160  
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A YABBA-DABBA shortlisting!
May 1, 2016 at 7:46 am 0
I'm super thrilled and very proud to announce that ELLA AND OLIVIA: SPORTS CARNIVAL has been shortlisted for the 2016 Yabba Award, by the children of Victoria. I'm in totally amazing company - Michael Gerard Bauer, Emily Rodda (EMILY RODDA!), Anh Do, Aaron Blabey and Nick Bland. Cannot believe it. This story is genuinely one of my favourites. Anyone who knows me knows I love SPORT! I wasn't great at sports carnivals, and what I lacked in any form of skill I made up with in sheer aggression. Indeed, as I write this, I'm listening to the A-League grand final on ABC Grandstand and watching the AFL highlights from the weekend. Bliss. Ella and Olivia also love sports...and so do Mum, Dad and Max. What's your favourite carnival event? sports    
Netball Fever!
February 7, 2016 at 12:54 am 0
There is nothing that gives me more joy than receiving finished copies of my books. I'm particularly excited about my new book out this week - Ella and Olivia: NETBALL FEVER! This is one of my favourite topics (I'm a sports nut) and I was a mad netballer in my youth. It's dedicated to my childhood netball coach, someone who continues to inspire me with wisdom and advice. netball3 Plus, let's be honest...the book is green and gold! It doesn't get any better than this! What position do you play? In this story, both Ella and Olivia have to be real team players for the Ripper Rangers. Goal Shooter and Goal Attack were always my favourite positions - I wasn't fast enough to be a Centre or a Wing Attack, nor defensive enough for Goal Defence or Keeper. Netball is such a great game. I might have to dust off the sneakers and clip those nails...I'm feeling the urge to play once again... netball
Brave new work year, brave new work space
January 9, 2016 at 12:26 pm 0
Happy New Year one and all! I hope that you're off to a great start with whatever you're reading and writing (I just finished 'The Nightingale' by Kristin Hannah, given to me by a dear friend. Have a newfound interest in the French Resistance.). I also watched 'Something's Gotta Give' for the umpteenth time while on holidays with Mum this week (we managed to switch it off just as Dad walked in the door - he'd have us both committed if he caught us watching it one more time), and I felt inspired to tackle the prickliest question of all...where I write. I have had a break from writing in the past few months and this week my writing mojo returned with a vengeance. I realised I wanted to change the way I write, and change up my routine so that there are no interruptions. The theory is sound. In fact, I have a writer's residency in North Sydney at Don Bank Museum, totally set up with my stuff. It's a thoughtful, contemplative and QUIET place to write (being in a museum tends to have a soporific effect). But I tend to be there on weekends, and when I need to write or edit during the week, most of my writing is done on my laptop perched on my lap while I sit stuffed into my lounge. I have a terrific view from my apartment (I have water views, folks - though the water may be brown, I can see a river snaking for about a kilometre in either direction), but my office (read: ironing room) is located AWAY from the view. I tend to write on the couch but I need some inspiration and a clear working place, away from the lures of TV, netflix, magazines, cleaning...you get the picture. Which led me to thinking - what about THAT desk that Diane Keaton's character has in her fabulous Hamptons' beach house (more on Nancy Myers and her psychologising of the bedroom layout of the character here)? What about that view? And how does she write a play in a mere few weeks? The wonders of Hollywood, my friends. dk So I'm going to change it up: actually write in my 'office', put away all those receipts spilling out over my files, and buy a hamper to hide my clean laundry in. Who needs to iron when you can write? ericas-study-desk All I need now is a view of the dunes, some large bay windows, a white swivel chair, some chinos....and a turtleneck. Happy writing and reading! PS Okay, I wouldn't mind some Keanu either. 2003_something_gotta_give_007
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: a Christmas reading (wish)list
December 15, 2015 at 11:59 am 0
There are just SO many books I need to read! Hopefully I'll be slothing it out on the beach, slumped on the lounge with the cricket (or sailing) on the box, with possibly someone on hand to keep me fed and watered in the holiday period ahead. Hot on the heels of the announcement of the winners of the PM's literary awards, I am reminded once again that I have fallen very short of what I meant to get through this year. Here's a shortlist of what I'm planning to read over Christmas.... 1. Withering-by-Sea by Judith Rossell withering-by-sea   2. The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson (have you read I'll Give You the Sun? YOU. MUST.) 220px-The_Sky_is_Everywhere 3. Empire of the Waves by Christopher Richardson (OK, Chris is a dear friend of mine and I went to his book launch way back in August and I haven't read it and the dog ate my homework....etc. It's got PIRATES, people. Enough said.) empire of So many wonderful writer friends have books out at the moment that I can't wait to plonk down with: authors including (but not limited to)... Ruthie Maye, Jen Storer, Ellie Marney, Belinda Murrell, Jacquie Harvey, Libby Hathorn, Susanne Gervay, Gabrielle Tozer and Geoffrey McSkimming to name a few... Now I'm name-dropping! And I clearly have a bit of reading to do. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the festive season and the festive food that goes along with it. Oh, and did I tell you that Ella and Olivia have some Christmas adventures out too? Make sure you grab ELLA AND OLIVIA: MERRY CHRISTMAS STORIES for you, yourself, your pets and the people who live upstairs. Much love and peace out, Yvette. merry-christmas-stories Did I tell you there are 6 GIFT TAGS INSIDE? I really should've. IMG_3974 Also, I just saw this on the internets. I want it for Christmas: book-rest-lamp
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Living with your characters
November 21, 2015 at 2:08 am 0
I've been writing the series Ella and Olivia for a while now - for over three years. It's been a fantastic experience - and even though I've written longer novels, the challenge of storytelling in five short chapters of five hundred words per chapter is something I've really learned from. As an English teacher, I am always at pains to explain to students the following: something HAS to happen (complication) and something HAS to be resolved (resolution) in any story you write. Ella and Olivia is a fantastic test: the girls must find a solution to a problem by the end of the story! And the characters of Ella and Olivia are writ large in my mind. There is only 18 months between them, yet they exist in my every day life - every young person I see or meet, they are my sister and brother embodied, they are memories that I have or perhaps people in my future. There are elements of my parents (and myself) in Mum and Dad of the story, and Uncle Stu the sparkie is a close relation to my brother-in-law. I have just spent an inordinate amount of time working on more stories for the canny little sisters, and with each adventure, their personality becomes more clear. They are the embodiment of life, people, myself and indeed my own siblings, just on the page. Characters of my favourite books have ALWAYS been real to me - even if it's Alex Cooper in the Linda Fairstein crime books (what would Alex do, I often think), or Jane Eyre or even the bumbling Stephanie Plum. I live my life intensely through the lens of a beloved character, and so many (young) readers do too. Whether or not you know it, if you're a writer, the characters will live within you, their voices finding a way out when you least expect it! And once they're drawn (in this case by the expert hand of illustrator Danielle McDonald), they have a life of their own! Ella and Olivia Bind-Up #4: Merry Christmas Stories (4 books with a surprise inside!) is out now! merry-christmas-stories