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Tenterfield times!
February 4, 2018 0
I was lucky enough this year to accompany the wonderful children's author (and my dear friend) Susanne Gervay on her Australia Day Ambassador duties. We were thrilled to visit gorgeous Tenterfield, with its incredible history (Captain Thunderbolt! Henry Parkes! Peter Allen!) and beautiful countryside. We managed to eat some quality lamb, get caught in a hailstorm at the top of Mount Mackenzie, and meet some truly lovely locals who made our time there so enjoyable. I'm still not sure why the locals go for the maroons in the State of Origin - they clearly live in NSW. One to reflect on, I think. I highly recommend Tenterfield for a visit - fabulous for any history buff, as it's the home not only of Peter Allen's Tenterfield Saddler, but also the Federation speech by Henry Parkes, one of Captain Thunderbolt's hideouts (no doubt there were many across NSW!) and also there's a lot of history associated with Breaker Morant. Well worth a visit and the people are wonderful. Thank you again Tenterfield! xx with special thanks to Noelene for being such a wonderful host, and also Peter, Don, and Bronwyn too. IMG_3836

With the lovely Susanne Gervay

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 3.35.58 pm.png

One of the best stops we made - Guyra on the way to Tenterfield!

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 3.36.27 pm.png

Time is a traveller...

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Writing, writing, writing
January 22, 2018 0
The year has already begun with a bang - I'm in the middle of two different writing projects, and planning for the year ahead. Last week I had a wonderful chance to run a workshop with 6-8 year old writers, who showed immense promise! Thank you to Paul at the Children's Bookshop in Beecroft for organising the event - if you have a young writer, make sure you look into their excellent range of workshops each school holidays. xx Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.20.44 am.png

Here I am with Nathan - a great writer and illustrator!

  Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.21.00 am.png

With thanks to The Children's Bookshop for this one. Thanks also to Meii, Therese, Lindsay, Claire and Molly! xx

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New year, new Ella and Olivia!
January 12, 2018 0
Happy 2018 all! I'm spending my summer at the beach in Sydney, at a place that was the inspiration for Two Pines Beach in the new Ella and Olivia - Little Lifesavers! In this exciting episode, the girls learn something new about Mum - she was once in a lifesaving competition! The girls decide to join their local nippers at their grandparents' beach. This one's for all the water babies and those that love to surf, snorkel or swim like a seal at the beach. LL I also popped by one of my favourite bookshops - Beachside Bookshop in Avalon, Sydney, to sign copies! Thanks to the lovely booksellers there for all their support. xx Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 7.13.13 pm.png
Thank you CBCA Northern Sydney!
August 10, 2017 0
Recently I was invited to chat to the incredible group at the CBCA Northern Sydney sub-branch! Thank you to the wonderful group for hosting me and the kind words. I love chatting about all things Premier's Reading Challenge and also about my writing, something I don't get a chance to do that often. It's such a great community to be a part of. Thank you to Marian, the President, and her wonderful crew for having me! xx Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 8.19.09 am
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August is a BIG month!
August 10, 2017 0
Folks, I've been away for a little while - running the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge is super-busy and very enjoyable for someone who loves and works with kids books. So August snuck up on me - there are some new stories out in the Ella and Olivia series! Note Perfect was released a month ago and it features the sisters in musical (dis)harmony - an exciting story for anyone who loves music, or wishes they were in a band! note perfect   Next up is the gorgeous treasury of brand-new Ella and Olivia stories in FULL COLOUR - the Best Friends Stories collection. The beautiful Danielle McDonald gets full rein in this book - it is just so wonderful seeing the girls brought to life in full colour! Grab your copy at the end of August! xx Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 8.13.38 am  
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Adventures on Australia Day
February 28, 2017 0
This year I was the guest of my good friend, the author Susanne Gervay in her role as an Australia Day Ambassador. We headed to Deniliquin and Conargo shires and had a wonderful road trip exploring the local communities. I can't thank the locals enough for their warm custom and Susanne for being the Thelma to my Louise (there was no cliff, folks!). Susanne is also an ambassador for the Premier's Reading Challenge - we even bumped into some keen readers on the road who we met in Sydney last year! Hope your reading year is off to a stellar start! IMG_8946 IMG_9068      
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I’m a happy camper! New book out January!
December 28, 2016 0
Greetings, earthlings! Today was marvellous. It's high summer in Sydney. And where else to celebrate the launch of my brand new book: ELLA AND OLIVIA: HAPPY CAMPERS than at a gorgeous little bookshop by the beach. My lovely friends at Beachside Bookshop in Avalon on Sydney's northern beaches organised an Ella and Olivia workshop to celebrate the new story (number 18 - about camping -EEK!) and also for some plain old summer school holiday fun. I'm really not sure whether the kids or I had more fun! Thanks to the little legends that came out to work on some brand new Ella and Olivia titles (Ella and Olivia and the Zombie Apocalypse, anyone?), laugh at my terrible jokes, and do some AWESOME colouring. Thanks to Libby, Danica and the crew at the bookshop and big thanks too to my friend Louise (a fab author¬†friend!) who dropped in to judge the prizewinners! xx  

Creating some new stories!


With the lovely Libby

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Festival fun in the lead-up to Book Week
August 14, 2016 0
Friends, I've had a busy patch. In fact, it's never NOT busy! This week was wonderful though - I had a lovely experience with the Abbotsleigh Literary Festival. I indulged, I signed, I chatted to HUGE readers, and witnessed one of the most incredible Book Week costume parades I've ever seen! Thank you to all at Abbotsleigh for organising such an incredible literary festival - hello to other authors I briefly crossed paths with - and THANK YOU to all the wonderful readers who asked loads of questions, fired off funnies, and whipped up a reading frenzy in general. Book Week is nearly here - so jump aboard twitter to follow me for the week @yvetteposh - following the thread #edutweetoz. I'll be talking to other teachers and authors, and teacher/authors about all things bookish. PS I also want to thank the amazing reader dressed as Mrs Twit, who indulged me with her 'mean face' - see below. PPS Thank you to the amazing readers who dressed up as Ella and Olivia. Hugs!

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The Big Book of Ella and Olivia!
July 19, 2016 0
Folks, I've been busy...behind the scenes I'm working on some very exciting projects with wonderful authors and illustrators with the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge (are YOU participating?). So I was thrilled to find these beauties waiting for me in the post - it's the BIG BOOK OF ELLA AND OLIVIA - 8 favourites in one! I love this collection, and I love the yellow cover. Just like Kathleen Kelly says in 'You've Got Mail' ....'Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?'...I too think...'Don't you think yellow covers are the friendliest covers?' Happy reading, friends! xx FullSizeRender-1
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Shooting goals for a good cause
May 30, 2016 0
I recently had the chance to fundraise for a cause extremely close to a lot of our hearts. I would love to thank the Northern Suburbs Netball Association and all the netballers and their families that supported our fundraising drive for breast cancer awareness. Thanks for the incredible Pink Netball Day...so many netballers and their siblings helped to colour in and bought copies of Netball Fever! Big thanks to my bestie who came along to support the fundraising efforts and to my brother for making big decisions regarding colouring in! Many thanks to my brilliant publishers Scholastic for supporting me with prizes for the day! It was a big win for netball AND breast cancer research. XX Yvette IMG_5160