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The things we do for (book) love
May 24, 2015 at 11:33 am 0

This year is passing by in a blur of book events, book releases, library functions and writers' residency shindigs. Writing is such a solitary pursuit - and everyone who knows me knows I love a yarn face-to-face as well as on paper - that it's often hard to picture such things as book launches and reading actually happening and the light being there at the end of the tunnel. For three years I have juggled writing with full-time work, mostly as a busy high school teacher. The motivating factor for every writer is getting your story down, getting it told in the best way possible (great editors are crucial) and getting it out there. So the fruits of the labour in these last few months have really been the culmination of many nights at home, a super amount of focus, and time spent hunched over a desk.

Getting out and about, promoting Frankie Fox, has been brilliant. Meeting readers, and talking to young people about what they love to read is a great privilege - and is inspiring, heartbreaking and just plain hilarious. This week I had a lovely event (in my PJs!) at Crown St Public School for their Lights On, Torches Off Readathon campaign, and today I was down at the Wharf as part of the Sydney Writers' Festival. For many years I attended the SWF in many guises - through my work in book publishing, as a total fangirl, and also to support other friends in their writing endeavours. The thing that I am really coming to realise though is that it is such a lovely industry - full of terrific publishers such as Lothian Books at Hachette Australia (publishers of Frankie Fox), wonderful colleagues at other publishing houses, and fellow children's authors who continue to support each other in the nicest way possible. To my beautiful friends and fans: love you lots.To my fellow writers: see you in the green room! To the red-tshirt brigade of volunteers at the Sydney Writers' Fest: you are AMAZING!In the Enid Blyton Storytime Clubhouse at the Sydney Writers' Festival 

Next time I'm arriving by water taxi

With the gorgeous Cheryl Orsini (l) and lovely Ashleigh (m) - publicist extraordinaire!

Caught reading in my PJs at Crown St PS!

Kids reading by torchlight - much to the joy of optometrists everywhere